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More Than 50 AP Scholar Designations Awarded To Stepinac High School Students

More than 50 Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar designations have been awarded to Stepinac High School students in the 2023 AP ranking. Seven of the high achievers won the prestigious AP Capstone Diplomas.

As in prior AP Scholar rankings, this year’s Stepinac group included students who captured more than one designation as detailed in the list below.


Frank Portanova (Class of ’93), Stepinac Vice Principal of Academics and Curriculum, said: “Once again, Stepinac students excelled in the annual AP Scholar Awards which reflect their hard work and determination to succeed,” adding: “We congratulate them on distinguishing themselves on their college transcripts. Members of the Class of 2023, who earned various AP Scholar designations, have begun their studies at top schools like Harvard, Yale, University of Notre Dame, Boston College, and University of Virgina, among others. These AP Scholar distinctions for students in the classes of 2024 and 2025 will surely help to make the current Stepinac upperclassmen highly competitive and marketable in the college admissions process as they did for the Class of 2023.”


Stepinac High School Students Awarded 2023 AP Scholar Award Designations



Dylan Adorno, AP Scholar

Nigel Mursalim, AP Scholar



Eric K. Welwin, AP Scholar with Distinction



Ralph Fields, AP Scholar, AP Capstone Diploma

Joshua D. Scholl, AP Scholar, AP Capstone Diploma


Granite Springs

Justin H. Galdau, AP Scholar, AP Capstone Diploma



Avery J. Prokopowicz, AP Scholar


Mt. Vernon

Frederick J. Schildwachter, AP Scholar, AP Capstone Diploma


New Rochelle

David Lopez, AP Scholar with Distinction

Jason-Conrad D. Zablan, AP Scholar


Port Chester

Rigoberto Escobar Jr., AP Scholar

Giancarlo J. Lagana, AP Scholar





Jeremy Paz, AP Scholar



Ryan L. Fudale, AP Capstone Diploma, AP Scholar with Distinction

Ryan J. Saunders, AP Scholar

Sterling T. Varga, AP Scholar with Distinction



Kenneth Eddington, AP Scholar

Anthony P.Pastilha, AP Scholar, AP Seminar and Research Certificate


White Plains

Christopher J. Amello, AP Scholar with Honor, AP Capstone Diploma

John H. Donahoe, AP Scholar

Owen B. Dowicz, AP Scholar with Honor

Marc A. Rainone, AP Scholar

Justin Saji, AP Scholar, AP Seminar and Research Certificate

Augustine P. Thomas, AP Scholar



Waiz Aamir, AP Scholar

Cayden Agay, AP Scholar

Nicholas V. Airo, AP Scholar

Michael T. Buckley, AP Scholar

Donal P. Connaughton, AP Scholar with Honor, AP Capstone Diploma

Daniel P. Cummins, AP Scholar

David Davitt, AP Scholar

Tyler T. Dobeck, AP Scholar

William J. Ferguson, AP Scholar

Ryan J. Harvey, AP Scholar

Anthony LeBlanc, AP Scholar

Paul LeBlanc, AP Scholar

James P. Lyons, AP Scholar with Honor

John S. McFarland, AP Scholar with Distinction

Peter J. McFarland, AP Scholar

Rohan R. Patel, AP Scholar

Karo Petrosian, AP Scholar

Aidan P. Smith, AP Scholar

Julian K. Terri, AP Scholar